School timings are to be strictly adhered to It would be in the interest of the children to speak in English while on the school campus and on board the school bus.

Students must abide by the school time schedule. Late comers will be severely dealt with.

Students must be self disciplined and well-behaved. Kindly behave respectfully towards the members of the faculty & the non-teaching staff.

Cleanliness of person and clothes is expected of every student. Refrain from littering the classrooms and campus.

Bringing of cassettes, CD & CD Players, I-pad, mobiles, Tablets etc to the school is strictly prohibited.

Kindly avoid bringing money to school.

Wrist watches are allowed only from Std.IV upwards..

Students are not permitted to colour their hair, grow/polish their nails. Senior boys are not permitted to grow beard or come unshaven.

Gold ornaments are not permitted except, a small ear stud for girls.

Intentional destruction of school property will attract penal action including a fine.

Running in the classrooms and on the corridors is strictly prohibited. Student’s behaviour should be at its best at all times both inside and outside the campus.

Students should refrain from cheating, stealing and using bad language.s.

1Students must see that any homework, assignments, projects given to them is submitted on time.